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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  May 28, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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>>next on fox 45 early edition. a black bear roaming baltimore county. what you should do andd3 shouldn't do if you see him in your backyard. why do you have sunglasses on? >> a young boy going blind what he is doing to help other victims of the same rare disease. we're going down the ocean. the festivities that await you at the beach this memorial day weekend. it's friday, may 28th. you are taking a live look at the boardwalk in ocean city. it ii so bare right now, but we can countdown the hours untilú that place will be jam packed
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with people enjoying memorial day week. good morning, i'm patrice harris. it is friddy, may 28th, and because it's friiay, that means it's your turn it talk with us on our facebook page about anything you want. and your response may air in our feedbackksegment. for the first two foxx45 fans to post the code word on our facebook wall will win a great prize. this week's prize is worth over $200. be sure to stay tuned for your chance to win. to become a fan it's easy, go to and thattway you can join in the conversation. let's turn to the man of the hour, because everyyody wants to know the answers of the weather. fertig.t steve fir teg there were thunderrous
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place. but there's showers scattered around. no plash flood watches. ú%d you see we have a lot of activity to tte south. the heaviest showers and some of those thunderstorms well to the south now not seeing any lightning strikes over the area at the time. that frontal boundary, the backdoor cold front that brought us the storms are moving toward the west. the west is the most likely area to see a shower and thunderstorm aa we move through the day. the temperatures mild, 66 degrees. and 68 degrees in a.d... and 67 in hagerstown. ask weewon't rule out the chance of a thunderstorm here and there but the heaviest activity hhs moved to the south. there's a channe of cat teared d -howers ann cooler today. here is lauren cooke with the
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traffic edge. lauren. >> reporter: thank you, steve. all of this ain is leading to flooding in baltimore city. ú% this area we'rr bailing with som-- ealingwith some floodinn. it's going to be in the area of. -f you're using 895 to et to the harbor tunnel, no problems to report from the toll to 95, you're looking at an average speed of bief miles pe 55 miles. you you are looking at an average speed of 55 miles per hour. ú%d nicc and cllar from 795 to 95, you'rlloking the at an 11 minuteecrip wit11-minute trip we speed of 54 miles per hour. that's a look at the morning commute. patrice, back to you. french fries, the candy kitchen and sand all around. a quarter of a million ppople are expected to be taking all oo
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that in at ocean city this weekend. joel d smith is there right now with the latest buzz on the boardwalk. you're getting the festivities kicked off early joel, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, patrice, and the buzz on the boardwalk is also brr! you got to wear a jacket if you're smart. %-ww're working it. jackett a lot of people were here last night when we got in. they were having a good tiie. they are ready for the weekend and it's estimated a quarter of a million people coming to oceen city. it's tradition for a lot of -olks. some that were off for a cup of. now they're back -- a couple of years ann now they're back. 250,000 people aae a bit. should people are coming for the traditionalss and they have the popcorn and he all kinds of cool specials when they open up. they're going to back to their
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1910 pricing for a littleebit. they're not going to tell us -hen but that would mean $0.5 for popcorn. and over here you have seen the ripley believe it or not that is a half a block this way. but this is going to have a mirror maze inside. therees a new thinns at the beach as well. what everybody is talking about so far is the weather. they want to know s it going to get warmer? well, take it from this little 9 years old, he doesn't quite like what we're having right now. you see there. >> i would ather it be cold eveey day like this and stay here than be at school. >> reporter: that says it %-feeling when you're at the beach, you're feel good because the alternative is at school.ú steve was here yesterday and he issgetting here. her famiiy is from west virginia. they have skipped their vacation
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the last couple of yyars becaase -he economy. they are back. they don't care about the weather. they like it toobe warmer but they're going to go for it anyway. >> they only have to wait until tomorrrw before it's warm..3 sttve says -- there you are. we had a problem with your shot there. -teve says it's going to be an absslutely gorgeous weekend worse we will take it and i will spread thh word. >> reporter: everybody that them. go ahead. >> out of the jackets, i see you're in shorts, you're working hard, we can tell. >> reporter: the rest of the morning all kinds of great stuff you willlbe able to see hair, a spray paint artist, and just giving you a taste of everything -ou should see down here if you'rr coming,,come on down quick because we're expecting a quarter of a million of your friends to be here, too. >> joel, thank you. these ak are on the agenda for many for this memorial day
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weekend. they are reminding people to they proclaim today don't fryun. day. thhngs will kickoff with a special ceremony t lutherville lab. skin ccnccr is the moot dangerous and 1500 marylandersú will be diagnossd with melanoma this year. we will talk to the prooram manager of the maryland skin cancer prrvvntion program about the recently released 2010ú sunscreen guide. that is coming up in the 7:00 hour. one of governor's march tinn o'malley's children is taken to theehospital. she has already been treated and released. there's not a lot of details in ú%e matter and the statemeet says that the o'malley's family privacy be espected at this time.
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federal aathorities indict a parksville man on allegations that he possessed theelargest pornographic collection in maryland. he lives aa the crossing aaartments. federal agents found the collection of child porn on -hree computers in the home. >> i don't know. it just makes -- i'm kind of lost for words. it makes me a little angry that someone would have that much on a child or to be innerested in children is shocking. >> according to the indictment, federal agents discovered the images while investigating the man's alleged online relationship with the 12 years oll girl. he is facing charges including sexually exploiting a child and extortion. if convicted he could be sentenced to more than 80 years in prison without the possibility of parole or probation. a cheating scandal rocks a baltimore city school. susan is the former principal at
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%-she lost her license, after the answers on the tests two years ago. they looked at test book lets and discovered that hundredssof wrong answers this been erased and replaced with the right ones. >> we know what is sort of a -ormal rangg in terms of erasure. this far exceeded that and answers were changed. >> somebody got far too smart for their own good in terms of what happpned here because they thought they could get away with it. >> burgess retired from the school district two months before having her license revocatted. the former chief financial officer of the aid bureau is accused of stealing more than $2 million from the association. he and an aacomplice worked together to set off an office supply company that charged for legal aid. the twooof them pocketed the
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extrr cash. their supply company didn't have a warehouse and the legal aid was the only customer on record. an anne arundel county men will spend days behind bars for the death of a man in glen burnie. police say he had a blood aacohol of .08,,-- .18, following the incident. 46 years old richard hen ton hed after his coat and martin''3 the city of baltimore is suing the bank claiming the bad loans resulted in hundreds of foreclosures. a judge threw out the first lawsuit saying it was implausible to hold the wells fargo responsible for the deterioratton of the inner city. the bank filed the motion to dismiss the second lawsuit on wednesday saying the city essentially filed the same
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ú%wsuit. but the city says this suit outlines property damages to more than 200 vacant foreclosed homes. the baltimore county man campaign sign is getting support from his favorite caadidate for governor. bob ehrlich ann two dozen of his supporters showed up at steve colbey's house at towson. tte county said that the signn3 was too big. politicaa speech the courts have said it's highly protected speech. it's basic to the firstt3 amendment as you can get and that is why i'm here today. >> baltimore ounty says it's working on a new checklist for code inspectors but it's confident that its law will beú upheld. after more than a month of flooding intt theegulf of mexico, it turns out it's far worse than anyone else thought. initial ca calculations aae way
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oil has been coming out fasterú than first expected mmking the spill five times larrer than the valdez. it's still coming out..3 with the kill top procedure. presiient obama is going to travel to the gulffcoast and continues to defend how hiss3 administration has ressonded to the desaster. >> when it comes to the response since the crisis happened i'm confident that the federal government has acted consistently with an senseeof urgency. obama's second trip to the gulf coast since the oil rig explosion on april 20th. -p a vote on the house loor pave the way for the don't ask don't tell. as marianne lafferty reports,
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the vote is seen as a victory for the president's administration. >> we have put an end to on't ask don't tell a long ago. it's not a front for human dignity and for the dignity and worth of everman aad woman serving in our millitary. >> reporter: the house of representatives voted to repeal the 17 years old law known as don't ask ddn't tell. >> the naye's are 194. the amendment is adopted. %-in congress.nt offered by the >> when i erved in baghdad, my team did not care whether a fellow soodier was straight or it was our millitary fighting twoowars, why on earth would weú tell over 13,00 13,500 able bodd right side not needed. >> reporter: republicans voted overwhelmingly o aaainstú
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lifting the ban. >> they're second-guessing. we are saying this or that would be a concern ithout the study. that is what the study is meant to find out. let's have the study beforr we make a decision. >> it ould not be wise to have a major cu!! cu cur tour alchan. >> don't ask, don't tell, weakens our security bb telling able recruits we don't want you. america can do better. >> barry ggld water said when this issue came, i care whether3 they can shoot straight not whether ttey are straight. why, because he wwnted to look at the content of theirú character, the content of their ability, the content of their commitment to this country and
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to their service. >> the house vote came several hours beffre the senate arm services committee took the same course aad took a measure reeealing the policy. coming up on the early edition, annunwelcomed vi visitr to a reisterstown neighborhood. what area residents should do if heyyspot this bear rrnning around.3 %-take a look lots of showers to run away from today, but not as strong storm system as [ vrrroooooomm! ]
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it's a whole new volkswagen. %-away friday for you. this getú let'' take a look at wwat we have. strong storms and showers down to tarrant county as high as queen ann's county and we're looking at chester town with some showers. we gettto further points south. you will see east and some showers and a moderate spill. down on the eastern shore as we go further points south seeeng showers toward salisbury as we go from cambbidge toward
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salisbury and poc pocomo city, . -t d. credi dc is where we are e strongest storms. the lightning strikes have moved out of our way and it's looking better.ú we are still going toohaae things in motion.3 a little bit of rain till coming your way. it couud be in the .11 to up a quarter f an incc of rain in further points west, the higher amounts toward dc. theebulk the raii there definitely out of the way. the forgotten it ta frontal bouu will see it take a drape to west. the low pressure center is going to move through and as it does,ú theedisturbance that is gging to be moving around it will bring us a chance of shower chances. you will see it until 5:00 tonight and the rest of us
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but it's not going to be nnarly as stroog as we saw yesterday, but the front is going to move further south and sag there. the igh pressure moves in and air orto th!!scenarro for the re holiday weekend. 60 innd.c. and 60 in salisbury. temperatures won't warm up a whole lot from here because the temperatures are going to be immeded by the clouds as far as climbiig up that thermometer. 72 degrees should do it for the clouds anddshowers, 8-10, toth 15 miles per hour. look for a high of 73 degrees with the showersment winds may be gusting hiiher than ú%ght showers perhaps, 75 degrees for the western part of the state where we have the best chance of showers and maybú a littll bit of thuuder still lies. tonight, 60 degrees, can'ttrule out a shower chance, but we will see them beginning to taper off as we get intt the overnight period and ttmorrow starts to shhpe up niceey. cloudy for the
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83 on sunday, looking very nice then with mostly clear skies, and a sun anddclouds. 85 degrees on tuesday,,the chance of showers and thunderstorms return with theú next front. 81 on wednesday, can't rule out aashower, and 82 or your thursday witt partly cloudy skies. fox 45 sky watth weather is iradar is available at you can use fox 45 iradar to track incoming storms. go to foxbaltimore.ccm and click on iradar. lauren cooke issback now with another check of that is what if what is happening on the roadways in the traffic edge. >> reporter: for those of you and head to the beach. the roads are looking clear. no problems to report. as we check in to take a live look at route 50 at sandy point, you can see not much activity. the cars traveliig eastbound, headed for the bridge, looking nice and clear. sooit should be an easy ride. we do have our first accident in
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the morning to talk about. it's going to be along thh eastbound lanes of roote 32. there at interstate 95, you do want to watcc ut for.ú ffrtunatelfortunately it has clm %-live look at 895, you see the cars are moving along the northbound and southbound lanns just fine. we are look at high speeds on the west side of the bbltway, they're clocking in right now at 54 miles hour at liberty road. it will be the same case if you're traveling at 695 at parkville. no problems to report along both the inner loops or outer loop laaes. we do have a fallen tree that harford county that is going to be on route 152 south of 65. that's a look at morning travels, pptrice, let's send it back to you. thank you, lauren, fox has summer. ♪ ♪ ♪33 >> last night the hottest dancing competition on t.v.
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kicked off the summer seassn. if yoo watch the season premier of so you ttink can dance last night, you're in luck. sometime this morning we will ask a trrvia quession of last night's episode. it's our we can't wait so you can dance contest. the vieeer to answer the question coorectly will win a nintendo wii system, a wii fit plus, a video game and an ipod gnat owe. go to -- nano, gg to for the rules. but theee's a bear on the loose in w# baltimore ccunty has a
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feisty bear and a lot people arennt too happy to shaae their backyard with it. >> here in baltimore countt, chipmunks. p> a nee breed. >> so it's a bear. >> a bear, that is kind of crazy. >> reporter: a bear was spotted near bond avenue and timber grove road. >> i have never seen a bear wondering around in my back yard.
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>> reporter: police say that bear.ackyaad may also house the >> i have my own bear. ú% reporter: beverly shaffer watches her grandson zack just down the street from here thee3 furryycreature was spotted. >> it's a small bear. >> eporter: while no daaage has been done,,it's a small bear that is raising concern. >> reporter: in a >> it doesn't look like wild. >> reporter: ull of kids and play. >> probably not take ut the trash that often. >> reporter: now on the look out for this creature thht could ú%se trouble and danger. >> as soon as it comes here i'm leaving. i live in ellicott city so i'm safe. police say if you spot the ú%arr number one, stay awayyfrrm it. number 2, don't feed the bear. secure the trash cans around
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your home and generally bears do usually run away, but if you
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> the dow is up and mortgage rates aae fallinggto low levvlss here is elizabeth mcdonald. the dow gaining 244 points
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and theenasdaq punching intt positive territory for the year. mortgage rates falling to the lowest level this year. the averaae for a 30 year fixed low now the low 4.8%, that's a fraction higher than the lowest rate ever, and some good jobs news. the number of people filing first time unemployment claims falling by 14,000 last week. the economy growiin by 3% in the first quarter, not as good aa expected, higher import is lower consumer spending bringing the numbers down. and tiffany's quurterly profit more than doubling. sales beating estimates. the luxury retailer boosting its profit outlookkfor the rest of the year. and pouring on the profits, the catsup maker quarterly %-highs xpect the business. grrwing for the rest of this year. coming up calling for the
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oversight of production of children's medication what one lawmaker said during a hearing3 at caaittl hill. and i'm joel d smith down the ocean here a lot is happening even this morning. we have some new things ere aa the boardwalk and some wiil be amazing to see. are you ready? >> i'm ready.


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